Cyber Safety

Agent Software Development and Protection

All the safety solutions you are looking for are here. You can get the premade systems if you like, or we can program your security precautions starting from scratch for you.

Web Development Technologies used: Analytical Engines GRC REACT Image Processing Data Transfer Encryption Log ve SIEM DLP

Cyber Security and Protecting System

We actively use the systems that not only protect your network using cyber security technology, but also keep safe from malicious people, and we make the most of technological opportunities by staying up to date.

Designs Compatible with all Devices

We program all of our designs as compatible (responsive) with mobile devices and mobile operating systems. In each device, to achieve high performance and optimum compatibility, we use the latest technologies. CSS, SCSS, LESS, SASS and more.

Agent Software Development

Feel in control with the agent software that we have developed in virtue of technologies like Image Processing and Data Transfer that we use. You will be able to be informed about anything thanks to this full-time browsing technology which takes screenshots, collects and processes data and provides you with feedback. With our outstanding data processing system and powerful servers, It is now much easier to reach computers on the whole network without burdening your system.

Services that We Provide

For the services that you couldn't find on our list, contact us.

Contact us for the risk analysis system which emerges as a consequence of the synthesis of accurate information and the law.

  • Corporate Risk Management
  • High Performance Efficiency
  • Monitoring and Scanning
  • Program Design, Check and Development
  • Improvement Works
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Protect your network against these threads extensively.

  • System Protection Integrations
  • Compatibility with all Devices
  • Protecting the System against Unrecognized People
  • Network Security Inspection
  • Limitless and Comfort Access for the User
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With a single software that checks the compatibility of the law on the protection of personal data (KVKK), we spare you reading pages of documents and checking compliance.

  • Corporate Compliance Check
  • Single Panel Usage
  • Up-to-date Inventory Management
  • Notifying of Current Announcements
  • System compatible with Data Controller Register Information System (VERBIS)
  • Regular Inventory Update
  • Application Tracking System
  • Legislation-Based System
  • With SQL, Encryption and DLP systems, we offer you the opportunity of a more comfortable interface.
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Find out all of the existing images and video footage with our high quality and fast image processing system.

    Illegal Content System Properties
  • Motion Zone Control
  • Instant Tracking System
  • Multiple Control Panel
  • Image Processing System
  • Multiple Network Explorer
  • High Data Capacity
  • Modern Kullanıcı Arayüzü
  • Yasaklı Sitelere Giriş ve Tespit Sistemi
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