Illegal Content Detection

In public institutions, we detect undesirable and illegal activities, then we notify you. Stay in control.


Illegal Content and Detection

Want to see what users and employees are interested in and doing in the areas different from their jobs? Contact us now.

Motion Zone Control

Be aware of the sites that users browse and what they download thanks to the network explorer that roams the system and gathers information about what users do.

Instant Tracking System

Thanks to the system that watches all the computers on the system continuously and notifies you, keeping track of their work will be easier with this program.

Multiple Control Panel

With the system that files the saves of each computer separately, we provide the convenience of control.

Illegal Content Detection Demo Version

If you want to try this system ,which is our new implementation, you can contact us.

Image Processing System

With our high-quality and fast image processing system, even if there is a blur or stain on the images and video footage, be instantly informed about all illegal content on the computer.

Multiple Network Explorer

Owing to the explorer that roams on the network, we provide more comfortable access with a single computer control system without the necessity of installation in all systems. We gather the whole existing data..

Modern User Interface

Without having any confusion by means of our user-friendly panel, we cope with complications by naming every system and filing them separately.

High Data Capacity

Thanks to the remote data storage, cloud technology and security that we use, we execute the processes of all the image contents in the system without burdening the system no matter how big they are

Support Service

With our engineers, who are experts in their field, to provide you better service, we work solution-oriented 24/7; thus, we stand by you.

Accessing the Prohibited Sites and Detection System

With our program that gives you feedback about which sites users enter, which user enters these sites, which sites users spend time on, and the appeareance of the sites, keep all the control mechanism maintained.