Network Intelligence

With the increasing number of internet use, the number of malicious software that wants to access the network is continuing to increase. Protect your network extensively against these threads.

Technologies Used: C++ Python Siber Güvenlik


Corporate and Personal Network Protection


System Protection Integrations

We take care of the whole network security and protection issues of yours.

Compatible with all Devices

We design our applications by making them compatible with all operating systems in computers and mobile devices.

Extensive Protection Methods

We protect your system against attempts of infiltration.

Network Security Demo Request

If you wish, you can check a network security software that we developed before. You can use the trial version in Windows, MacOS, and Linux depending on your operating system.


Full-time Protection

We preserve your network by scanning as long as your system is available and provide you with protection


Optimum Security

By means of full-time protection, we hinder the people who try to break into your network and we develop a protection system.


Network Security Inspection

We analyze the methods of attackers and keep you up-to-date against them.


Phishing Attack Alert

We warn you about the stealing of your information by scanning the malicious links which are sent to you.


Live Support Service

We provide 24/7 support service with our products and cope with your problems.


User Panel Facility

We offer you the protection system features with a selectional defense systems that you can choose.