KVKK Compliance Software

By checking the compatibility with the law on the protection of personal data (KVKK) software, we spare you reading pages of documents and checking compliance with the law. We make it compatible with Data Controller Register Information System (VERBIS)

Technologies Used: SQL Encryption Log ve SIEM DLP VerBis


Corporate Compliance Check

You can contact us for this application which enables your corporation to stick to the law and makes it up to date by keeping the track of the system continuously.

Single Panel Usage

You can deal with all the information and process that have content of the law on the protection of personal data (KVKK) with a single interface thanks to our UI that informs you quickly and put your preferences together.

Up-to-date Inventory Management

Get the opportunity of taking a printout in different formats and editing the printout of the Data Controller Register Information System (VERBIS) by instantly updating the items in your inventory .

Data Rate

By using each file in separate functions , we reduced the complexity of the process; as a consequence, we have speeded the data communication up. Thus, you can quickly prepare the documentation you want because of the easy interface and processing speed

KVKK Compliance Software Demo Request

You can freely try the law on the protection of personal data (KVKK) software program that we have developed for you freely if you'd like to. You can use the demo version of this program.


Keeping informed about the latest announcements

This system that we have designed sends your data to accurate receivers and informs you about Clarification and Explicit consent. It also preserves your data by saving it.


System Compatible with Data Controller Register Information System (VERBIS)

Working simultaneously with Data Controller Register Information System (VERBIS), it ensures that not only the data is always kept up-to-date but this data is the same as in the system. You can view all your created data with one click. Thanks to this feature, you can be in compliance with international data protection systems, such as GDPR, CCPA,LGPD.


Regular Inventory Update

The place where processed data is held indicates which documents and files it hosts. Thanks to the inventory update, you can update and retrieve documents quickly, securely, without data loss, and whenever you want


Application Tracking System

It tracks the checking of applications made by your corporation and receiving responses in time within the frame of law.


Support Service

We provide 24/7 support service with our products and stand by you.


Legislation-Based System

Checks the compliance of the data that will be processed with legislation and law, then lets you process legally.