Risk Analysis

While operators are developing and checking the expenditures at the same time, we help to protect against today's major global and financial risks, such as money laundering, terrorism and fraud.

Technologies Used: AML KYC Services SAP BSA


Corporate and Personal Risk Analysis

Program Design, Check and Development

We improve your system specially for you and mobilize programs considering the most efficient applications, legal frameworks and your goals.

Monitoring and Scanning

We provide the calibration of models

Continuous System Control and Improvement Works

After reviewing the third-party software, we put into effect implementation programs by developing them in response. We carry out not only extensive programs but also regulatory procedures. We manage existing compliance functions, including efficiency and high-quality processes.

Examples of Contents for our Integrated Offerings

In the risk analysis, there are systems that are developed against terrorism, money laundering and fraud. You can check the contents of these systems.

Design Layout
Monitoring and Testing
Processing Monitoring

Precautions against Bribery
Hindrance of Money Laundering
Get to Know your Clients

Cyber Risk Network
Compatibility of Sanctions
Risk Values