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All the education software solutions you are looking for are here. You can make use of premade systems or we can program your system starting from scratch. All our modules are web-based

Technologies Used: .net CORE Blazor ASP. NET Laravel Php Javascipt Framwworks

Course and School Management System

Without an annual license renewal fee, it is the software that meets all the needs of a school or course.

Compatible with all devices

You can access the platform using any device you want.

Limitless User

We do not set user limits. It can be defined as unrestricted students, unrestricted teachers and unrestricted administrator.

Learning Management System Services

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    Technical Specifications
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Web service for each function and API
  • Management Panel
  • Base Search Engine Optimization
  • Corporate Mail E-mail Services
  • High Security
  • Web program with high-ratings on Google Lighthouse

A distance education system that works with cross-platforms compatibly with Web, mobile, tablet and TV.

    Features of our Distance Education Systems
  • Limitless user registration and role assignment
  • Limitless video lesson adding feature
  • Limitless question pool, test pool, exams with an optical reader, open-ended exams, video exams and creating trial exam.
  • Possibility to prepare different question types (test, open-ended, questions with audio and video recordings, true-false, gap-filling)
  • Advanced Categorization and Scheduling Courses
  • Unlimited messaging between students, teachers, and other roles.
  • Creating transcript of records and tracking
  • Limitless uploading and downloading files
  • Special certificate and creating in-site badges
  • More than 20 language options
  • Online Selling and Payment Modules
  • Application Integrated Security Interfaces
  • Data Processing both Excel to database, database to Excel
  • Mass announcement procedures
  • Arranging events and meetings
  • Detailed Log Saves and Monitoring In-site Activities
  • Interface Customization
  • Reporting
  • Homework Assignment
  • Privacy and Policies Module

It can be integrated to the systems that you currently use and works with third-party software coordinatedly.

    Some third-party software that can be integrated into
  • Zoom
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Online payment methods, such as Iyzico, PTT Sanal Pos, PAYTR
  • MS Office Software (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
  • Website Templates, such as WordPress, Joomla, Wix
  • Quick Set-up with Cpanel

We provide live support between 09.00-20.00 6 days a week.

    Extra Services
  • E-commerce
  • Not included languages in available languages
  • Additional graphics and animations
  • Extensive Accounting Modules
  • Advertising and SEO
  • Data-Driven Digital Product Advertisements
  • 3D Live Classroom with Metaverse

Examples of our Learning Management System Integrated Web Program

Rysedu which is complete from beginning to end. Explore

Distance Education Platform and Webpage Example
Sample of Corporate Webpage