Hellcaster™ invites players to battle in a dangerous arena where they must combat waves of monsters. The game features nine distinct maps, each presenting unique challenges and enemy types. Players must use a variety of spells, abilities, and strategies to defeat their enemies and survive. The ultimate opponent is Hellcaster himself, a powerful evil sorcerer. Defeat him to become the king of the arena and save the world.

Who is Hellcaster ?

Hellcaster is a powerful sorcerer who uses his powers for the good of evil. You, as a player, are going to try to stop his evil doings. He is the ultimate obstacle and enemy in the arena.

Our Approach

We wanted to create a game with a rich variety of enemies . To achieve this, we have created numerous skills that enemies will use to provide exciting challenges for players in the arena.

But we didn’t just care about the number of the skills. Our top priority was the fun aspect of the game. While developing these skills , we asked ourselves : “What can this skill add to the game?”, “How should players react to this skill?”, “Is the skill appropriate for those who are going to cast it?”, “Does the skill fun?”

We didn’t stop at just developing skills for the enemies. We also developed skills for our players, which will give them an edge in arena fights. Different characters have different stats and skills . Players have the option to pick different characters and use different strategies with them.

Our Invitation To You

If the things you saw picked your interest, we invite you to see the game we have worked hard on. 

See ya!!!

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